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You’re trying to find the most secure flight parcel booking in Pakistan? Rafiqibs Parcel delivery is the best choice for people who require secure delivery of their goods. Find out instant rates–the cost of door-to-door parcel delivery service.

Receive shipping services with timely deliveries of cargo flight booking services in Pakistan. Today, you can send parcels online using experts, and keep track of properties anytime you’d like.

Booking parcels online is an ideal service option for people needing to deliver their goods and parcels quickly to different locations. The majority of businesses are eager to work with the latest technology. This is why they can win the benefits of web-based parcel booking. Let’s readout.

Employ the top freight forwarder in Pakistan nowadays!

Rafiqibs has been one of the most important freight forwarder in Pakistan. Furthermore, it has been able to provide high-quality services. Our teams are highly skilled. And have skill handling all types of cargo. From small or fragile cargo to huge amounts of freight. Our customers regard us as a crucial component of their import and export freight. We provide efficient and effective logistics and a wide range of cargo.

Welcoming to the rafiqibs flight parcel booking  in Pakistan

Rafiqibs is a growing business that was the first to pioneer the fastest method of delivering products via Train Mode, Air Mode. We have experience and expertise in the handling of couriers and cargo, parcel logistics, freight services for airports, and door-to-delivery. Our experience in this field has been able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


We have a broad range of choices from parcel delivery firms to provide an all-inclusive service to our customers. The option of arranging a parcel pickup service gives you the flexibility to arrange your logistical requirements within your schedule. Whatever service you require, we have a relationship with parcel firms who collect your parcels.

Air Cargo Transportation

Air Freight shipping is a speedy and effective method of shipping which is especially beneficial for companies that require speedy delivery to deliver their products to international buyers or keep on the right track. The main drawback of air transportation is that it is often more expensive when compared to ocean freight forwarding.

However, we can use this expense while offering outstanding customer service. We provide a variety of methods and methods of airfreight. We can help you and your business save both time and cash. We offer a variety of options for air shipping during our weekly consolidations to all destinations across the globe.

We offer  quick flight  parcel booking  in Pakistan

Our customers are more than numbers. Every shipment receives the personal care it needs. As consolidation schedules are binding to several large airlines, air freight forwarders can provide better cargo flight booking options within Pakistan. However, give ease to our customers as well as their goods.

  • Organizing inland transport and local drayage for gateway airports
  • The communication of status updates for shipment across the entire transportation chain
  • Crating and packaging for exports
  • Consolidation of cargo and warehouses
  • Properly preparing commercial and export documents
  • Technical assistance for “Letters of Credit.”

Flight parcel booking services in Pakistan (Products and Amenities)

We can bundle shipping your freight via air with the freight of other companies to provide you with cheaper shipping options, however, we can also offer direct services only for your freight. This is a great option for large shipments or shipments which need to be delivered to their destination as fast as they can.

  • Airport to Airport”
  • Airport to Door
  • Charters
  • Consolidation
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Doors to the airport
  • Doors to doors

Air Freight Services

We take care of all your air freight requirements from beginning to end to make sure you can meet the deadline. We manage the planning of routes, making bookings for scheduled freighter and passenger flights including full load and split flight charters, as well as the associated services. We can guide every trade, mark method, and the best rates for your needs.


Rafiqibs is the only place to shop for all your courier requirements. No matter if you need services in a single day or just one hour, we’re available all hours of the day to ensure that your delivery times are always punctual.


As a business, we strive to be prompt, reliable, and courteous, dedicated to excellence, professionalism High-Quality, and Safe Service.


The choice of the appropriate kind of courier service is based on the requirements for shipping and the speed at which you would like your package to be picked up.


Are you looking for confirmation of the status of your package or evidence of delivery? You can enter your tracking or reference numbers.


We can manage all your needs for delivery. Furthermore, We’ll make sure that your delivery arrives at its destination fast, safely, and with security.


We offer the  Best flight parcel booking in Pakistan. In addition to cargo transport from a single form of document to large-scale air cargo. Furthermore, we specialize in the high volume of automobile components including medical supplies, aircraft spares, and breakdown components specifically designed in air-freight services.

We can dispatch both direct and consolidated freight shipments – whichever is the best for the cargo you are shipping. Get quotes on the cargo flight booking services in Pakistan. All you have to do is fill out the form and your competitive estimates will be sent to you via our network.

Rafiqibs can be your freight forwarder in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are many freight forwarding company can earn the merit of being known. As Rafiqibs is one of the well-known firm. It has been familiar with approvals from many groups.

Our offices are located in many important Pakistan cities which include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and others.

We can provide services that include:

Logistics Company

Aquatic Load Firm

Air Grant Deal

Fence Moving Service

Warehousing Deal

Carrying Company

Clearing Agent