Custom clearance is the most important procedure to get your cargo delivered to any location abroad. You might have came across the fiasco of getting your cargo custom clearance either during importing anything or exporting.

Moreover, the shipping personale or the shipper is subjected to provide legal documentation providing details of the custom and tax clearance. All of this happens before the shipment is cleared. The whole schedule is planned to make your cargo reach to your doorstep without any hassle or legal terminations.

You can also avail the services of a custom clearance agent in pakistan or custom clearance broker to make it go even smoother than ever. The agent covers up everything regarding custom clearance for import as well as the steps required to be taken priorly.

What is Custom Clearance for Import?

Custom clearance is the procedure or the set of legal proceedings that are done before your shipment is officially handed over to you. It contains everything that is related with your imported cargo, from the delivery details to the legal proceedings.

In order to get your hands on the imported cargo, you’ve to get your custom clearance done according to the rules and regulations defined by your country.

Custom clearance for imports permits you to get hold of the imported goods and avail the services of a custom clearance agent or broker. It also covers everything regarding the importing and exporting parties and other neccessary shipment details.

Services of a Custom Clearance for Import Agent  

Before you leap on to the services of a custom clearance for import agent or breaker, you might be interested in who is this person. Custom clearance agent is a custom broker who works for importing parties and help them in their transaction of goods accross countries.

Custom brokers or agents are authorized as per legal laws and have authorized set of legal commands. You can either avail the services of a private custom clearance agent or consult a customs broker firm.

The services of a customs broker or custom clearance for import agent are:

  • One of the foremost important duties of a custom clearance agent is assisting with HTS codes. These codes are determined on the basis of product classification codes. HTS codes ranges between 8-10 digits.
  • The codes are designed to determine the country of origin and deal with the respective policies.
  • Custom clearance brokers also assist you in determining and defining the country of origin or manufacture. It is an important aspect of marketing, also provides details about the major assembling or designing of the imported goods.

What is the Process of Custom Clearance for Import? A Stepwise Guide

The process of custom clearance is determined by these four aspects from legal paper proceedings to the release of the shipment.

  1. Document Verification/Legal Proceedings

Paper work verification or documentation is carried out by the following process:

  • The documentation for the shipment details is correct and is verified by the custom officer.  
  • Commercial invoices are duly fulfilled and are attached with the documents.
  • After completing paperwork, a final invoice is made with the reciever and sender’s contact details and other info.
  • The documents also contain details of the airway service availed and the date of export.
  • Verification by the Custom Officer

Now is the time to verify the shipment through the custom officer. A custom officer then:

  • Checkout for the fees or dues applied to the shipment determined by the goods, their market value, importing laws, and other important considerations.
  • If the shipment is to falled under the taxable category, then the custom officer make sure the taxes and other duties are duly paid.
  • Tax, Duties, Payable Dues

Then comes the process of paying the taxes, here’s how it is done to ensure a hassle free custom clearance for import.

  • Custom officer will make sure that the duties and additional taxes are paid without any delays.
  • Incase of the unpaid situations, they’ll guide you to the paying options. That are Deliver Duty Unpaid or DDU and Deliver Duty Paid or DDP.  
  • The process is further subdivided and is leaded by brokerage or custom clearance agents. However, the costs per shipment or taxes have a fixed price, it depends upon the brokerage how costly it can go beyond this one.
  • Release of Shipment

Hence, the taxes are paid and the documents are all ready with everything written in it. This is the time to recieve your shipment or finally deliver it to its destination.

Do You Need an Agent for Cutom Clearance for Import?

Yes, you may need the service of a custom clearance agent to make your process go like ride on a slide as he will be covering and providing all the neccessary shipment details. An agent also make sure you get intimely delivery of your imported goods.

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