Custom Clearance

Reliable Custom Clearance Agent in Pakistan

The import and export of goods takes place in Pakistan. It is just about every day by air, sea, road or railway. To make sure that the goods are transported by a custom clearance agent in Pakistan., securely with the true legal documents are essential. This can take months, if not years. To finish this process and have their items cleared and moved correctly. To the place, they want to be loaded.


The trades must hire an agency that can provide custom clearance Pakistan services. Mainly, if your business is involved with large or heavy amounts of cargo. It’s vital to work with an agency that handles customs clearance, like Rafiqibs Logistics. It is key since a reputable company can take cargo release with ease.

The most popular Service for Custom Clearance agent in Pakistan

Rafiqibs Logistics is now the most reliable service for the customs clearance service in Pakistan. We have an agent for customs clearance who is prepared with the latest and general knowledge of clearing customs. In rafiqibs Logistics, the Customs Clearance agent in Pakistan is highly loved.

Because Lahore has three of our headquarters. we ensure that our customers receive an able and active custom clearance Pakistan. Every business person is aware of the reality. That many ways are involved in moving the loads.

What is the reason you require an individual clearing agent?

Customs clearance is a huge task. That requires a long time of making documents and submitting these papers. They are basic to permit you to import and export into a specific country. The person is responsible for all the complex tasks.

In addition, a plan of papers is also ordinary to represent the client in check and calculation at customs. This reliable and effective person is talked about as an agent for businesses. We offer Custom Clearing Agents within Pakistan. We also well know the active changes in the countries you send your goods and receive.

We are available to serve you

Through rafiqibs Logistics, you have the benefit of having access to any transportation. That is most suitable for you, which is linked with Freight Forwarding. When you select us to be your custom Clearing Agency , we ensure that you receive the most efficient services from start to end. If you’re still shy of the reason you should choose us. We suggest learning and thinking about the benefits of using our services by searching online.

The role of custom clearance agent in Pakistan

To provide more information about the duties of an agent for customs clearance. Here is the following list of tasks that are trusted to them:


  • They ensure compliance with the regulations established by customs.
  • A customs official ensures that the clearing of goods is completed within the agreed date to prevent demurrage.
  • Also, the clearing agent must create documents such as bills of entry and then submit the clearance process.
  • If you’re looking for an agent for a custom clearing agent or clearing forwarding agent. Looks at the top of the list as rafiqibs Logistics can help you by providing services from some of the top agencies in Pakistan.

Selecting us as the custom clearance agent in Pakistan

To further move you with our skills and more satisfy you. Here’s a listing of services we offer:


  1. We provide all forms of transport from land to air and water.
  2. Our companies offer prompt shipping that is also within your expectations for the price.
  3. We can also act as warehouse service providers, helping you ensure your goods are secured before their delivery.
  4. Our team is capable of selling with various shipping lines. To ensure that you receive the freight prices you require.
  5. We can arrange for the transfer of your cargo between ports.
  6. Our network is spread across the country, allowing us to follow in the right direction.


Rafiqibs Logistics and custom clearance Pakistan has done its status as one of the most honest commerce in Pakistan, which provides top services at cheap prices.