About Us


Rafaqibs Enterprises

We have been operating in Pakistan for over thirty years to provide clearing custom and forwarding companies.

Our company is known for clearing surgical instruments and medical equipment. Furthermore, we offer a one-stop service to meet our customers’ requirements and remain up to date with developments.


Rafaqibs is honored to receive the certification by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research PCSIR as “Top payment agents.” We are also an affiliate of the Lahore Chamber of  Commerce and Industry and are among the most prominent agent for sending and payments. In addition, we have legal representatives in our association with PIFFA (Pakistan International Freight Forwarding Association).

Our Mission

We believe in the happiness of our customers.

Who Are We?

The agency we collaborate with offers freight forwarding and customs clearance. The company has been located in Pakistan since 1995.

We Offer things

  • Our customs experts are experienced and conduct extensive research to determine your needs:source resolve, bill arranging, estimate, tax rescue programs. We also provide tax potential evidence. This will allow you to fulfill the boundaries of your responsibility.


  • We also offer solutions to the complicated logistics associated with the transportation and moving industry. However, we provide the most efficient ways to transport freight at any given moment.

Duty of Rafaqibs Enterprises

  • The cost of maintaining Global Freight Sending
  • Gatherings from the Source
  • Mover Booking
  • Estimate for Customs Approval
  • Goods Testimony
  • Customs Processing
  • Local Carrying
  • Drop off at the address of the customer

Rafaqibs Enterprises

Hiring a recognized freight forwarding service to carry your items is a fantastic option to cut costs and time.


Syed Rashid Ali Rizvi, CEO